Book Review: Growing Young

Growing Young by Kara Powell, Brad Griffin & Jake Mulder
6 Essential Strategies To Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

“Growing  Young” is a “must read” book for every youth pastor, senior pastor and elder for 2017. It has been put together with excellent research by the Fuller Youth Institute, who gave us “Sticky Faith”. This book looks at the 6 keys that effective churches are using to grow young people and young adults into a people of faith. The churches range from Catholic to Pentecostal, small to mega, wealthy to poor, but they all have these 6 things in common....

Book Review: Taking Theology to Youth Ministry

Andrew Root is a well respected youth worker and theologian who has written several books including “Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry”. “Taking Theology to Youth Ministry”, is a small but powerful book about a fictional youth worker, Nadia, who is just starting out in youth ministry. By using the power of story intertwined with theology Andrew creates an easier away to engage with some very thought provoking topics.

“Youth Ministry is theological because its purpose it to take part in the actions of God. It is to reflect deeply on who God is, next to the lives and questions of young people. Once this becomes its purpose youth ministry is about partnering with God in Gods actions with and for young people.”

Book Review: Almost Christian

Kenda Creasy Dean's compelling new book, Almost Christian, investigates why teenagers are at once so positive about Christianity and at the same time so apathetic about genuine religious practice. This is American research but it has huge implication for the New Zealand church and our young people.

In Soul Searching research, a "Moralistic Therapeutic Deism"—is a self-serving, feel-good belief that bears little resemblance to traditional Christianity. But far from faulting teens, Dean places the blame for this theological watering down squarely on the churches themselves. Instead of proclaiming a God who calls believers to lives of love, service and sacrifice, churches offer instead a bargain religion, easy to use, easy to forget, offering little and demanding less.

Book Review - The Bible According to Gen Z

Great Aussie Research to help us understand how Teens are Reading the Bible.

I love essential research that informs and directs youth ministry and here is a book that does both!!

Our cousins across the ditch are culturally close to us and here they’ve spent the money and the time that can help us understand what’s really going for our teens and their attitude to the bible and how they read it.

Did you know:

  • Only 4 per cent of young people read the Bible daily and 7 out of 10 have never read it.
  • Young people are ten times more likely to read the Bible if they are involved in a group which encourages them to do so.
  • Only 1 in 100 youth will pick up the Bible out of curiosity or interest.