Bible Reading Plans

It’s essential to pick up our bibles and read so we regularly connect with God and learn about Him but…... where and how do you start??? These bible plans are designed to give your young person a guide to begin their journey but these guides need to be used with a leader, mentor or friend who will meet with them weekly to reflect and help them understand what they’re reading.

Weekly Plans:

30 Day Plans:

Bible Reading Apps and Links:

  • On Spotify ( search for "Streetlights Bible"
  • Scripture Union ENGAGE Bible Reading App here: It’s a kiwi reading a portion of scripture, asking a reflective question and then a prayer. It’s very cool. It has a facebook link for a daily discussion too.

The Bible Project - 

A video series (with Study Guides for each book) for youth using cartoons to give an over view of each book of the bible and what it’s context is and they also do themes in the bible like messiah, heaven and hell, the kingdom of God, The you tube URL is

Visit their website: