RAM’s, camp and other forms

Here are some policies and forms to make your preparation time just that little bit easier:

Police Vetting Form - CHANGES


The New Zealand Police have advised that the existing Police Vetting consent form is no longer to be used and they have replaced. It is very important that any old vetting forms which you will have on file either with your administrator, children's pastor, youth pastor, etc be destroyed and this one be distributed to anyone in your church who deals with police vetting forms.

There are quite a few extra criteria with this new form and it is really important for the person responsible to read over the form to ensure that they are familiar with it and the criteria that is required. One of the extra requirements is that the Trusted Referee (the person who is responsible for getting the forms completed) must send in to us, a signed copy of the applicant's photo ID with their name and contact details, together with the completed police vetting form.

You can go onto their website for more information or call Jill Hitchcock on 09 526 0338.