Alpha Youth Film Series

The Alpha Youth Film Series is 12 video sessions designed to engage students in conversations about faith, life and Jesus. And it's all available for FREE.

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Have you ever met someone who seemed just a little bit too eager to tell you all about themselves without taking much of an interest in you or how you were doing?  Those interactions don’t feel great.  Even worse, if this habit begins to define your conversations, the friendship will start to feel less intimate and potentially even insincere. Healthy relationships are built on give and take - and this extends to the relationships you form on Alpha.

The Alpha Youth Film Series is, at its core, based on relationships. Because the Good News we have to share is so good, the temptation could be to dive right in and start sharing your story at the beginning. Doing so, however, could potentially undermine the effectiveness of your Alpha and what you are trying to do. Instead, get to know the students you are journeying with. Listen to their questions, learn where they’re coming from and what they’re concerned about. By showing an honest desire to get to know the students, you foster the trust necessary to have honest and open conversation.

First, seek to understand. Let the Lord take it from there.