Agents of Change: Online Mentoring Tool

The mentoring tool is an on line website that helps mentors and mentees to talk about some of the deeper issues of life. It looks at Self Worth, Relationships with others, Communication, My relationship with God, My future goals and lots more. Once the test has been taken you celebrate the strengths and then it gives the mentor and mentee strategies to move forward and grow. For more information to be able to buy a licence please contact us at BYM

Mentoring the Young People of Aotearoa.

At BYM we’re all about being strategic and research shows again and again that significant adults in young people’s lives make a life changing difference. We’ve been looking at what makes a mentoring relationship really work, so the mentor is confident that what they’re doing really counts.

Online Mentoring Tool“Agents of Change” provides an online mentoring tool for church youth communities and youth work in schools. The tool confidently equips mentors with strategies that will empower young people to bring direction and real change to their lives. You discover where the young person is at and celebrate their strengths. “Agents of Change” gives you strategies so together you find ways forward through their challenges.

Months later the tool gives you the opportunity to retest so that you can see significant changes in the life of the young person.

This tool is available to any church youth group or any youth work in schools. If you’d like to know more we’d love to talk and show you more specifics so please contact us


Click on the link and discover how you can use Agents of Change with your young people.