Intermission is a one year fulltime course at Carey Baptist College designed with recent school leavers in mind who are keen on being stretched and challenged in their faith and life direction. We think that Intermission is a fantastic opportunity for those that want some time and space to think, learn and develop as a follower of Jesus.

Intermission..... more than a gap year

If you are keen to spend a year exploring your faith, getting out into different communities and living, learning, and going where you haven’t been before… then Intermission is for you!

From academic to hands on experience, from character development to discipleship training, from weekly group times to overnight retreats, Intermission asks you to commit yourself wholeheartedly to the year so that you get the most out of it!

Find out more by visiting the Intermission Website

Intermission Short Promo from Carey Baptist College on Vimeo.