Youth Ministry Training

Carey Bible College provides courses and training for people who want to give their best to Youth Ministry in whatever capacity! So if you are already a Youth Pastor, a key volunteer, or just starting out in youth ministry leadership - check out the courses available.

DISCOVERY Youth Ministry Internship

Do you have someone with leadership potential in your church?  Someone who wants to give a year to grow in ministry and mission with yout?

Carey and BYM are partnering in the Discovery Youth Internship which is designed to help people gain practicaly youth ministry experience, to bein a process of ministry relection and development, and to do a tertiary level Certificate of Christian Studies part-time over one year.

Ideal for those working in rural churches or small churches- click for more information here



Carey has courses and training options designed for people to learn and grow in their youth ministry leadership.
Check out our brochure for our three key training options… or you could get started by doing our: 

FYM - Foundations of Youth Ministry Block Course

This course aims to introduce students to ideas and practices that are fundamental to youth ministry in New Zealand. It will encourage students to begin the journey of thinking theologically and philosophically about youth ministry. Students will develop pragmatic / practical skills within the ministry context as well as engaging with a range of recent scholarship that highlights various approaches to, and ethos of youth ministry.

This entry level course is for anyone who is interested in exploring youth ministry from both the theory that underpint it, to the practicalities that make it happen. This semester long course will include a teaching block taught by experienced youth practioners, including Carey staff, over one week, in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Course includes:

  • Theological Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • Planning and Implementing Programmes
  • Leading Leaders
  • Goals and Strategic Thinking
  • Approaches to Youth Ministry 

For more information on this specific course go to: Foundations of Youth Ministry Block Course @ Carey 

Other options for training include:

Certificate of Applied Theology (Youth)

1 Year Full-time / Part-time over several years

This course is for those interested in completing a full NZQA accredited Certificate in Applied Theology which offers a broad base of bible and theology courses as well as a special focus on Youth.

8 Courses including:

  • Mission of God
  • Foundations of Youth Ministry (refer papers above)
  • Intro to Theology
  • Gospel and Youth Culture
  • Intro to the Bible
  • Pastoral Care

YPL - Youth Pastoral Leadership

3 Years Full-time onsite @ Carey

Carey's pastoral ministry training offers a breadth and a depth that is recognised as being of the highest quality; if you are considering being a Youth Pastor for the long haul then this course is for you.

  • Bachelor of Applied Theology & Diploma of Pastoral Leadership (Youth Specialised) 


For more information on any of these courses call 0800 773 776 or visit Carey Baptist College