Youth Hui

Next Youth Hui is due in 2018 - dates to be confirmed.

The Youth Hui is held bi-annually at ‘Papamoa Christian Camp’ in the sunny Bay of Plenty. This is for Youth Pastors, Interns and Key Leaders. We are very interested in hearing what God is doing in your youth community and discerning together what God is saying to us. The Hui this year will also be a time for you to spiritually recharge and catch your breath.



Baptist Worship Project

More information and ability to submit is coming soon
Download the Baptist Worship Project Theology HERE

The main source for worship music in Baptist churches around New Zealand is music that has been written overseas by other denominations. Today, we have hundreds of talented song writers, poets and musicians in our churches and youth groups. 

The Baptist Worship Project has been set up to provide a place where local, New Zealand, Christian, Baptist-artists can be heard and to offer an opportunity for them to have their music (poetry, spoken-word, etc) recorded and released.

The project is this; we want to gather together all of the amazing songs from local artists that represent Baptist values and theology. To do that we want you to submit them to us via this website.* Then once we have accumulated enough quality songs, a select and diverse group of musicians, pastors and theologians will sit down to select, five or ten or fifteen (or more) songs to be professionally recorded and distributed thought out New Zealand and beyond.

The songs will be selected on how they work musically and how they represent our New Zealand Baptist theology. For a complete outline of Baptist worship theology, please click here (*ill get this to you shortly)

At this point we do not know exactly how we will record and produce each song, but we will be in contact with each person who submits a song to reflect back to them about their songs. 

One idea is to have a group of professional Christian musicians record the songs. This will produce a higher quality album with a lower cost. Or the artists themselves may play/sing on their tracks, however this is logistically difficult and costly. Again, no plans at this stage have be set and we will only proceed once we have your express permission. It is important to note that we will not use, release or perform anything you submit without your express permission that we will get from you when we contact you after you have submitted your song. You are submitting your songs for consideration and by submitting a song you are not transferring the rights to your music. 

Our goal is to produce an album of worship music, written and recorded by New Zealand Christians from New Zealand churches, for New Zealand Baptist churches.

However, worship is more than just music, so we also want you to submit artwork that could be on the albums cover or inlays, spoken word, poems, electronic music and so on. Maybe your gifting in worship is animation or video editing and making. Great, we also want these to accompany the songs on the albums as we realise music videos to accompany some of the tracks. 

This is what we will need from you

-        The lyrics (on either a word document or a pdf)

-        The chords or sheet music to accompany the lyrics (on either a word document or a pdf)

-        A recording of your song – this can be done by almost any phone and then uploaded to the site. If you have access to more recording equipment, then please use what you have available. You probably have a very capable sound-person in your church, so ask them about how to get a decent quality recording to submit. It does not have the be a great recording, we just need it to get the feel of the song.

Once you have submitted your piece, we will make contact with you to discuss where to from here.

More information and ability to submit is coming soon

Download the Baptist Worship Project Theology HERE