2017 Events Calendar: Click to download

PRINTABLE 2017 BYM Events Calendars

  Download the new PRINTABLE 2017 BYM Events Calendar to help you
  plan for next year.


  Click for A3 printable version

  Click here for A4 printable version




 **Please check your print settings before printing and if not sure select SCALE TO FIT MEDIA as each printer can have different margin settings**


ELECTRONIC Calendar Version

Click here to download the bulk electronic calendar CSV file 

How to Import the file  

Follow the links below for specific instructions for your type of calendar:

• Google Calendars – https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37118?hl=en

• Outlook Calendars – http://tinnes.co.uk/desktopcalendar/support/7/faq_importexport_importoutlook2010.php

(Screenshots shown are Outlook 2010 version)