Book Review: Growing Young

Growing Young by Kara Powell, Brad Griffin & Jake Mulder
6 Essential Strategies To Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

“Growing  Young” is a “must read” book for every youth pastor, senior pastor and elder for 2017. It has been put together with excellent research by the Fuller Youth Institute, who gave us “Sticky Faith”. This book looks at the 6 keys that effective churches are using to grow young people and young adults into a people of faith. The churches range from Catholic to Pentecostal, small to mega, wealthy to poor, but they all have these 6 things in common....

National Youth Ministry Conference

Bi-Annual Conference

Friday 6th - Friday 13th October 2017

For Youth Pastors and Key Leaders

The National Youth Ministry Conference (NYMC) is a gathering of the tribe, church leaders, chaplains, school workers, university missionaries, community workers, teachers, pastors and parents - NYMC exists for you. 

With 40+ sessions from some of the best of the nation, you are guaranteed to be equipped, inspired and encouraged as you seek to serve and lead the next generation.

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Foundations & Youth Ministry

FYM - Foundations of Youth Ministry Block Course

This course aims to introduce students to ideas and practices that are fundamental to youth ministry in New Zealand. It will encourage students to begin the journey of thinking theologically and philosophically about youth ministry. Students will develop pragmatic / practical skills within the ministry context as well as engaging with a range of recent scholarship that highlights various approaches to, and ethos of youth ministry.

This entry level course is for anyone who is interested in exploring youth ministry from both the theory that underpint it, to the practicalities that make it happen. This semester long course will include a teaching block taught by experienced youth practioners, including Carey staff, over one week, in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Course includes:

  • *Theological Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • *Planning and Implementing Programmes
  • *Leading Leaders
  • *Goals and Strategic Thinking
  • *Approaches to Youth Ministry


2017 Course Dates:

Auckland:   9-11 March, 11-13 May
Wellington: 23-25 March, 18-20 May


For more information on this specific course go to: Foundations of Youth Ministry Block Course @ Carey

Student sign up form here