Who We Are

Baptists have been passionate about seeing the youth of New Zealand come to Christ since 1890. A deep legacy has been created over the decades with the establishment of Easter Camps, leadership training and investments by Baptist churches in Youth Pastors, Key Leaders and youth programs. Today, Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) continues to invest in local Baptist churches in New Zealand—to see young people come Christ and to develop leaders who can relate to and build relationships with young people.

BYM is one of the largest youth ministry networks in New Zealand; we have over 2,000 passionate people (paid and volunteer) involved in youth leadership, serving 20,000+ young people of intermediate age, high school age, and young adult age (18-25) throughout New Zealand every week.

What We Do

BYM National and regional consultants offer a range of services to churches, youth pastors, community youth workers and voluntary youth ministry leaders. 

We Offer:

  • Resources: Providing a wide range of youth ministry resources, or access to resources through our website 
  • Training: Providing local, regional and national training both for leaders and young people
  • Consultancy: Enabling youth ministries to establish direction and plan new initiatives.  Working with churches to establish a youth ministry or youth work in its community. 
  • Support: Providing support for churches, youth pastors and key leaders
  • Events: BYM runs several events each year, providing opportunities for youth to hear about and respond to Jesus.
  • Missions: Equipping churches and providing opportunities for youth to serve God in short and long term missions in NZ and around the world.